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Our Policemen and Policewomen on Traffic duty

May 2, 2016

It is a sad sight to see our policemen and women manning traffic in Chennai city. I understand that there are about 9000 such personnel who in addition to the fact that they stand under the severe heat of the beating sun, also have to inhale all… Read More

Government offices

May 2, 2016

I keep wondering why our government offices, hospitals and everything connected with government should have a shabby look. Files littered on tables, unhelpful staff, corruption and a general feeling of demotivation. Why can’t it look swanky and clean? In fact government spends more money per-capita on upkeep… Read More

ERP at Secretariat

May 2, 2016

Fire at Mantralaya, Mumbai

The massive fire and deaths at the Maharashtra Secretariat in June 2012 is a grim reminder to all of us also, as to the under preparedness to deal with such a situation at our Secretariat in Chennai and also in all other… Read More

Back 2 School

May 2, 2016 (Krishnagiri district) 2006-2008

It was a huge team effort in bringing back and retaining about 10,000 OOSC (out of school children). But the process was simple. I created a force of volunteers called VVF (Village Volunteer Force) at the rate of one VVF… Read More

Predecessor – Successor syndrome

March 18, 2016

Predecessor successor syndrome in the IAS

Very unfortunately, many of my innovations that have been transformational in scope and depth have not been continued by my successors. At the Harvard Kennedy School, I was taught by Mr.Mark Moore, that for am innovation… Read More

The Girl child and the woman

February 4, 2016

M worldview on this is that if you look at hotspots of the world ( I mean where conflicts are rife), one can always discern a pattern of subjugation of the girl child and the woman; the chances of her dreams of her flowering into womanhood with an equal… Read More