Vision & Mission

Vision and Mission


Vision: Make Government and service delivery to our Citizens world class, where Citizens don’t see Government, but feel the impact of Governance.




  1. To make every Government office work on an ERP platform, so that file movement happens at the speed of thought, so much so that decisions are taken in the shortest possible time intervals.
  2. To ensure that every Government Department procures or develops software for their transactions within Government and also with our Citizens.
  3. To create software applications for all kinds of service delivery to citizens via their smartphones.
  4. To ensure that top officers are provided with a decision support system based on business intelligence generated from data captured right from the field level onwards.
  5. To make our Government offices sport a look much better than the private sector.
  6. To ensure that our Government Servants dedicate themselves to the service of our Nation through exemplary work in the Government.
  7. To ensure that our Government Servants act as beacons of hope for transformation of our Country from a developing one to a developed one within the shortest possible time.
  8. To ensure that Citizens can transact online for all their requirements from Government.
  9. To motivate our Citizens to give the best for their Country.
  10. To ensure that every child, boy and girl, is enrolled and retained in school till Plus 2 and continues in College, and either lands a job or becomes an entrepreneur, so that they become economically independent.
  11. Bring in prosperity to every home in our Country.