Innovation/ Initiatives at Chidambaram Sub Division, Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu

Sub Collector (1997-11-29 to 1999-02-17) - 1 years, 2 months, 19 days

  1. I constituted a committee called “Singara Chidambaram Committee” consisting of all the stakeholders of Chidambaram, dedicated to the upkeep of the Temple Town of Chidambaram. One of the achievements of the committee was the removal of encroachments on all the four car streets and other streets over a 15-day period. A new traffic management system was put in place.
  2. Issue of ST certificates in MGR Nagar in Killai – This was done on the basis of an Ethnographic study conducted by Dr.MS.Swaminathan Foundation, Chidambaram and me jointly.