Innovation/ Initiatives at Directorate of Indian Medicine & Homeopathy, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Commissioner (2013-02-19 to 2013-07-24) - 0 years, 5 months, 5 days

  1. Created a “Think Tank” comprising of Government and private sector experts to chalk out an action plan for improving the different Indian systems of medicine. This was compiled as proposals and the Hon’ble Chief Minister through a 110 statement in the Assembly announced the same. The package was for Rs.52.00 crores, unheard in the annals of the department.
  2. I Personally designed and developed a website for the Directorate of Indian Medicine & Homeopathy –
  3. A 5-acre low lying area in the IM & H campus was filled up with 2500 lorry loads of debris free of cost, thanks to a telephone call to the MD Metrorail. Now the space has been filled up and leveled and ready to be used as a sports facility.
  4. For the first time in the history of the Directorate, I introduced a transparent web based online transfer counselling for Doctors, Pharmacists and Dispensers in the regular and NRHM wings. This was a resounding success. The process was completed in a matter of hours with each candidate getting 72 seconds to make his/her choice of transfer location online from wherever they were.
  5. When I joined the Directorate of IM&H, I was appalled at the conditions in which our officers and staff work. I transformed the entire office into a modern one resembling that in the private sector.