Innovation/ Initiatives at Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu (ELCOT), Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Managing Director (2008-09-10 to 2011-05-20) - 2 years, 8 months, 10 days

  1. Made ELCOT an “anytime anywhere” office, by introducing the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). All activities of ELCOT are almost paperless, making the office more efficient to meet the requirements of customers.
  2. Organized the work of ELCOT in a more systematic manner by bringing in experienced hands who were serving as branch Managers, delegated works to them. This has brought in a huge amount of efficiency in ELCOT
  3. Brought all procurements (including civil contracts for IT SEZs) in ELCOT above Rs.10.00 lakhs under the e-Tender system, making the tender process at ELCOT extremely transparent.
  4. Trained 7000 rural youth all over Tamil Nadu in the concept of IT Finishing School for 10 std and above candidates, increasing their confidence levels and employability. Private companies absorbed many of these candidates through job melas.
  5. Took steps to immediately commence the infrastructure and building works at all ELCOT SEZs. So started the tender formalities and completed the tenders for infrastructure works at Tirunelveli and Trichy and tenders were called for and tender formalities completed for the 50000 sq ft buildings at Trichy, Hosur, Madurai, Salem and Tirunelveli. By 2010 all the IT parks were completed and Hon’ble Chief Minister inaugurated all the IT parks.
  6. Transferred the intellectual property (Source code, software etc) developed by ANADOCS computer agency developed for the departments of Commercial Taxes. Family Card Project, Reginet, OAP, Farmer Card Project, DTCP to different software development agencies through a transparent tender process. All these applications were delayed very badly, hence the decision to transfer to new agencies. Currently all these projects have reached fruition.
  7. 4000 desktop computers were to be supplied to School Education Department in April 2008, but was very badly delayed as the L1 vendor refused to supply due to a dollar value fluctuation viz-a- viz the Rupee. Negotiated with DELL Computers and supplied all the 4000 systems, at a slightly higher price. The different was adjusted to the bills of the L1 supplier.
  8. Compiled all 9000 odd assets in ELCOT into a web based Asset Management Software. This allowed ELCOT to handle all IT and non-IT assets and control their movement and transactions in calculation of depreciation and ultimately assist in disposal of the assets. This has become a model Asset Management Systems for all Government offices to emulate.
  9. Drafted the announcements for 2009-2010 on e-Security policy, e-Waste policy, e-Governance policy, Rural BPO policy, m-Governance etc.
  10. Tamil Nadu was the first state in the Country to go in for a tender for horizontal connectivity. The tender for connecting 5000 last mile offices to the TNSWAN was completed and a large number of Government office have been connected.
  11. Gave a new look and feel to ELCOT website in addition to upgrading it drastically
  12. Got the best rate in the country for broadband connectivity for Government offices at Rs.550/- month unlimited download from BSNL. I mooted this and today thousands of locations have access to Internet, thanks to the initiative.
  13. Made the third party inspection for Colour TVs more stringent compared to earlier phases. Payment to CTV suppliers was made online through RTGS.
  14. Mooted the concept of a Virtual Employment Exchange for the Directorate of Employment and Training by suggesting major changes in their work plan. Rs.2.99 crores meant only for hardware procurement was converted into a comprehensive project involving hardware procurement, software development. TNSWAN connectivity for 47 offices and Hosting.
  15. Ensured that ELCOT became the SPMC (State Programme Management Consultant) for the Rs.100 crores CCTNS (Crime Criminal Tracking Network System for Police Department under the Mission Mode Project)
  16. Conceptualized the development of a procurement module as part of the ERP.
  17. Took up the project of AGRISNET. It was launched in July 2010. The project won the national e-Governance Gold award.