Innovation/ Initiatives at Information Technology Department, Secretariat, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Secretary to Government (2011-05-20 to 2011-12-03) - 0 years, 6 months, 13 days

  1. Personally drafted the e-Governance policy of the Government, after consultations with experts. It is still under circulation.
  2. Made Information Technology Department at Secretariat Chennai, the first totally “paperless” ERP driven Department among any Secretariat Department in the Country, by installing the e-Office software (Christened by us as ASSIST: Automated Software Suite for Integrated Secretariat Transactions) developed by NIC New Delhi. This was installed on 3/11/2011. This software was totally customized for Tamil Nadu conditions. I worked along with the NIC tam in developing the software.
  3. Free distribution of Laptops to students: I played the lead role in arriving at the specifications of the laptops to be procured, and also in conducting the tender at the earliest.
  4. Disaster Recovery Centre: Requested the Hon’ble Chief Minister to sanction this project at Madurai. The Hon’ble Chief Minister sanctioned the same immediately.
  5. Integrated Financial Management System: Put this as a major work to be achieved, in the IT Policy Note 2011. I persuaded the Finance Secretary, to go in for this application, which once adopted will make the work of the Finance department extremely efficient and transparent. The Finance department has gone in for a tender to select a Consultant for arriving at the RFP.
  6. Was personally involved in the operationalization of the newly built State Data Centre
  7. Enhanced Rural BPO Policy: Based on my personal experience in having created India’s first Rural BPO in Krishnagiri, I personally drafted the Enhanced Rural BPO policy as announced in the Assembly.
  8. Chief Minister’s award for excellence in e-Governance: I conceived this idea, both for Government departments as also for the general public, to propagate the concept of –e-Governance.
  9. Supply of computers top VAOs and RIs : Took up this issue with the Hon’ble Chief Minister in the Departmental review, and Hon’ble Chief Minister was kind enough to sanction the same on the spot.
  10. Public Grievance Redressal System: The software developed and implemented by me in Krishnagiri District was redesigned for the entire State and the Hon’ble Chief Minister launched this in 2011.
  11. Broadband connectivity to Village Panchayats: Took up this issue with the Hon’ble Chief Minister in the Departmental review, and Hon’ble Chief Minister was kind enough to sanction the same on the spot.
  12. Computer training for staff of the State Secretariat: Government order has been issued by P&AR Department based on the proposal I conceived, for probationers selected to work in the State Secretariat. This is bound to hasten e-Governance, as all employees working in Secretariat will be computer savvy.
  13. Gave a thrust to e-Governance especially in frontier areas of e-Governance like cloud computing, Internet protocol version adoption (IPv6), Data Warehousing, Data Mining using Business Intelligence software, Mobile Governance, Integrated Financial Management System, Geographical Information System, Asset Management System, Facility Management System, National Land Records Modernization Programme (NLRMP), and a Technology Forum in Government, by bringing up these as thrust areas of the Government, in the IT Policy Note 2011.
  14. Worked closely with the Tamil Virtual Academy in developing Unicode compliant Tamil fonts with the required keyboard drivers for free use by all, especially Government departments. This was ready for launch at the time of my transfer. (It may be noted that currently all Government Departments are using expensive proprietary fonts.