Innovation/ Initiatives at Rural Development Department, Secretariat, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Joint Secretary to Government (2005-05-30 to 2006-05-28) - 0 years, 11 months, 28 days

  1. Created the Tsunami Projects Implementation Cell in the Department. I initiated the World Bank (ETRP) and ADB (TEAP) projects.
  2. I was deeply involved in the drafting of the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme for Tamil Nadu under the NREGA.
  3. I led the computerization of the NREGS with the help of NIC in all 4000 odd Village Panchayats in five districts where the NREGS was piloted.
  4. I drew out a plan for the ergonometric transformation of the Department of Rural Development at Secretariat, Chennai at a cost of Rs.20.00 lakhs. Workstations replaced tables and chairs. The entire ambience of the office underwent a transformation and all Officers and staff welcomed this.
  5. All Officers and staff were provided with computers and accessories at a cost of Rs.26.60 lakhs under my transformation proposal.