My passion since I joined the Government of Tamil Nadu has been to advocate that we can make governance world class. This I have illustrated in all the postings I have had, without exception, where I have made huge difference to the organisation I served, by demystifying governance. Administration and governance can be made really simple. Making Government World Class using technology and by taking advantage of modern management theories and practices worldwide is actually a very simple task. We should be able to transform our Government offices into places where ideas resonate and policies emanate, with the best interest of Citizens in mind, and as files move at the speed of thought, we can provide that much more faster services to our Citizens at their doorsteps, without them ever having to visit a Government Office.

My favourite saying is that “Citizens should not see Government; rather they should be able to feel Government”, which means “Minimizing Citizen-Government Office interaction, and maximizing Citizen-Government interaction”. The Internet will be the major interface for this interaction.