1. Citizens should not see Government; rather they should be able to feel Government.
  2. The internet should be the major interface between Government and Citizens
  3. E-Governance should be able to minimise Citizen-Government office interaction and maximise Citizen-Government interaction
  4. Corruption is  like AIDS; short term pleasure and long term pain
  5. Only leadership embedded in integrity and selflessness, with the ability to innovate in the governance process, can take India to prosperity
  6. There are only two things that we do in Government; policy making and providing services, and in both we stumble, because we use 17th century methods…
  7. A girl should complete college education and become an economically independent woman, and only then marry. There is a greater chance that she will be an equal partner to her husband
  8. Never be a taker; always, always be a giver.
  9. For me, being human means being able to be friendly, empathetic, with a person however high or low his station in life is, irrespective of gender, caste, creed, religion, nationality, ideology etc
  10. Don’t take your work home or home to work